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Frequent questions
These questions come up most frequently. Knowing them may help you to better work this site.

Have the envelopes circulated ?
Yes, 98 % for them.
Why is there no concordance between stamps and postmark ? The topic is not the same.
The envelopes are franked with stamps bought at a post office at the issue-time of the postmark; therefore they cannot be concordant, except in some rare cases.
Why is there no arrival postmark on the back of the envelopes ?
Only envelopes sent by registered mail have such a postmark.
What e-mail adress to use for questions or others?
How to see the offers of a country only ?
Go do "curent offers" and click on "country" of the top of the page
Is it possible to pay other curencies than USD on my accout ?
No, if the payment is done by credit card
Yes if it is made by bank transfer or by cash. These payments are put in the account, changed into USD at the exchange rate of the day of payment. In this case, payments should be a minimum of:
60 USD / 40 EUR / 60 CHF / 40 GB£

The envelopes in which are sent the documents are not franked with philatelic stamps. Why ?
This is done by discretion to avoid "unhealthy" interest in these envelopes.

When can I received my envelopes ?
You decide in general when you want received your envelopes, because you pay the postal charges.You must send a mail for this.

What are the charges for post sending of the covers ?
Weight........................ Europe.................Other countries
20 gr.... .....................1.60 USD................2.00 USD with aknoledge receipt by e-mail
More of100 gr. = registered sending charges(5 USD))possible + normal post charges if the value is high.
More of USD 100.00 = registered postage FREE
We must send the order by registered mail, but the registered postage will can be by the value of the sending.
Please acknoledge of receipt by e-mail

What's the club ?
A selling form without restraint, without subscription, without systematic sending.