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Active in the field of thematic stamps collecting these past 40 years, I am familiar with the hopes and, sometimes deceptions of collectors who try to expose their collection and to obtain by successive stages a certain reputation in this field. But the pleasure of the search and the hunting of philatelic documents are present, the investment too.

My first olympic collecting served to pay partially for my studies, before a show. Disappointment, but gratification too for my life.

Collector enthusiast, I visited numerous of philatelic showings and stamps sales, staged others. Seduced by the marcophily, I collected numberless postmarks, cachets and slogans on passed enveloppes or postcards, without the FDCs.

Today it is the time to propose the philatelic material of quality, essential standard of choice. I wish to give to you fully satisfaction.
The Thematic-Club International is at your service, only on Internet, and will help you to progress in your research and your next success.
Bernard X. Guex
Bachelor of economy
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Please notice the marks of electronic treatment made by the post-office on certain pieces. Click on the pictures.

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